Non-HKS Courses

Review and Approval of non-HKS courses to qualify for the MLD Certificate

There are numerous courses in Management, Leadership, and Decision Sciences offered outside of HKS. These include courses offered at other Harvard graduate schools (e.g., HUGSE, HBS) or at other universities, such as Tufts Fletcher School or MIT’s Sloan School of Management. To count toward the MLD Certificate, the course must first be eligible for HKS credit, as determined by the HKS Registrar. (Click here for complete details on cross-registration and credit for non-HKS courses.)

To confirm whether a non-HKS course will count toward the MLD Certificate, first verify that the course is eligible for HKS course credit, and then email the MLD Area Administrator, Greg Dorchak, a copy of the course description and, if possible, the full syllabus. The MLD Area Administrator will reply as promptly as possible with a determination about the course’s eligibility.