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Strategic Management | Leadership | Decision Science | Negotiation |  Urban and Civic Innovation | Organizing Civic, Political, and Social Action | Social Enterprise | Finance, Accounting, and Budgeting

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Fall Semester 2023    [ ** New links continue to be added; check back often.** ]

MLD-102              Getting Things Done: Management in a Development Context (Andrews)

MLD-201              Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (Chipungu & O’Brien)

DPI-208               Moral Practice for Public Leadership (Robichaud; Formerly offered as MLD-208)

MLD-215              Negotiation and Leadership: Essential Theory and Practice for Enhancing Your Personal Effectiveness (Wilkinson)

MLD-220M         Fundamentals of Negotiation Analysis* (Mandell & Minson)

                                       (*MLD-220M is a required course in the MPP Core Curriculum; MPP1s only may enroll; no shopping)

MLD-223             Negotiating Across Differences (Hong)

MLD-304             Science of Behavior Change (Rogers)

MLD-355             Public Narrative (Ganz)

MLD-370             Social Movements: The Art and Science of Social Change (McKenna)

MLD-385             Leading through Public Crises: High-Stakes Decision-Making in Chaotic Events (Patrick)

MLD-401M          Financial Analysis of Public and Nonprofit Organizations (Iammartino)

MLD-411M          Introduction to Budgeting and Financial Management (Bilmes & Iammartino)

MLD-421             Federal Budget Policy (Jackson)

MLD-427             Strategic Finance for Nonprofit Leaders (Honan)

MLD-515M          Serving the Public Good: Planning for Career and Life (Freeland)

MLD-618             Leadership, Social Change, and its Challenges: Boston as a Case Study (Winship & Jackson)

MLD-630M         Government Turnarounds (Liebman)

MLD-636             Managing Transformations in Healthcare (Glynn)

MLD-802M         Nonprofit Management and Leadership (Arthur Brooks)

MLD-820            Strategies for Social Impact (Lee)

MLD-830            Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Social Sectors (Cavanagh)


January Term 2023

MLD-202              Leadership from the Inside Out: The Capacity to Lead and Stay Alive–Self, Identity, and Freedom (Heifetz)

MLD-280              Advanced Workshop in Multiparty Negotiation and Conflict Resolution (Mandell)

MLD-340              Power and Influence for Positive Impact (Battilana)


Spring Semester 2024

API-222                Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics (Saghafian)

MLD-103M          PDIA in Action: Development Through Facilitated Emergence (Andrews)

MLD-113M           Strategy and Decision (Zimmerman)

MLD-125              What Works in Public Sector Management (Linos)

MLD-201              Exercising Leadership: The Politics of Change (O’Doherty)

MLD-234M          Conducting Negotiation on the Frontlines (Bruderlein)

MLD-257M           Why won’t you listen to me? Understanding People, Conflict, and People in Conflict (Minson)

MLD-310              Behavioral Science for Inclusive Organizations (Bohnet)

MLD-326              Principles and Politics When Running for Office (Patrick)

MLD-375              Creating Justice in Real Time: Vision, Strategies and Campaigns (Cornell William Brooks)

MLD-377M           Organizing: People, Power, Change (Ganz)

MLD-378M          Organizing: People, Power, Change Practicum (Ganz)

MLD-381              Mitigating and Managing a Crisis (Kayyem)

MLD-412              Greater Boston Applied Field Lab: Advanced Budgeting, Financial Management and Operations* (Bilmes)

                                                     *Watch a comprehensive video course preview of MLD-412 (click here)*

MLD 427              Strategic Finance for Nonprofit Leaders (Honan)

MLD-502              Developing People (O’Brien)

MLD-601              Operations Management (Fagan)

MLD-605              Systems Thinking and Supply Chain Management: Climate, Poverty and Human Rights (Fagan)

MLD-615M           Mixed Methods Analytics for Leaders and Policy Makers (McKenna)

MLD-617M           Effective Implementation: Learning from Effective Implementers (Hartmann & Butler)

MLD-620M          The Data Smart City: Driving Innovation with Technology (Goldsmith)

MLD-831               Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the Private and Social Sectors – Business Plan Workshop (Cavanagh)

MLD-836M          Social Entrepreneurship/Social Enterprise Deep Dive: How to Operationalize & Scale for Social Impact (Bildner & Khurana)